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You are not alone...

It can be challenging to navigate our personal needs while juggling expectations from others such as family members, coworkers, or friends.

We might end up unsustainably trying to fill multiple roles in order to keep everyone satisfied, often resulting in unfair compromises with ourselves that can manifest as anxiety, depression, codependency and over-responsibility.

A Better Tomorrow...

My goal is to help you improve your health and wellness in your relationships and individual life.

I support you in honoring your inner voice whilst providing tools for navigating the environment and relationships that you are struggling with.

About Amna Baloch, LCSW

About Amna Baloch, LCSW

As a goal-oriented therapist, I draw from a multitude of therapeutic techniques to approach each client according to their current context and specific needs.

Being a practicing Muslim and a second generation immigrant, I know firsthand how our internal and external worlds sometimes don’t feel aligned. As such, I welcome the opportunity to serve individuals from multicultural backgrounds.

Overall, my approach is solution-focused, relational, and systems-informed. In therapy, you can expect that we will first go through an identification process of the issue, followed by acceptance, and, finally, enter a phase of integration, healing, and growth.

I offer therapy in both English and Urdu.

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